Track and Field

Track and Field is at Horizon Middle School

Order of Events (Click here for a Printable Version)



High Jump (4:30pm)

Discus (4:30pm)

50 Meter Dash (5:30pm)

800 Meter Run (6:00pm)

100 Meter Dash (6:30pm)

Javelin (6:30pm)

1500M Race Walk/Power Walk (7:00pm)




5000 Meter Race Walk/Power Walk (8:30am)

Shot Put (8:30am)

Long Jump (9:00am)

400 Meter Dash (9:30am)

Triple Jump (10:00am)

4X100 Meter Relay (10:00am)

1500 Meter Run (10:15am)

200 Meter Dash (10:30am)

Softball Throw (10:30am)

Field Event Order will be:  Women - all ages, Men – all ages

Track Event Order will be:  Women – youngest-oldest, Men – youngest -oldest 


* Please listen to the P.A. announcements on when to report to your events.
* The times listed above are approximate.  Some events may start slightly later than the times listed above, but no events will start prior to the time.
* Depending on the number of participants, some age groups and genders may be combined, but results will always be separated.
* Field events and track events may occur at the same time.  Please check-in at your field event, but participate in your track event  first.  Then go directly back to your field event.
* Although some implements are provided, participants are required to have their own javelin.
* Medals can be picked up at the press box after results are announced.